1. Shandong Tianan Chemicals Co., Ltd

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        Shandong Tianan Chemicals Co., Ltd, locates in Linpan Street office, Linyi Country, Dezhou City, Shandong, and adjoins to 104 State Road(1km away). Established in 2006, Tianan is dedicated to the manufacture of gas phosgene derivatives.

        Shandong Tianan covers over 466,000 square meters of land, and has total staff of 450 in which the technician is 50. Tianan’s capability of gas phosgene is annually 20,000 metric tons, and has more than 10 products, such as Stearoyl chloride, Methylaminoformyl chloride, AKD, chloroformate, and so on. The products are widely used for paper making chemical, pharma intermediate and agrochemical.

        Shandong Tianan was restructured in June 2010, and it’s Dezhou’s first company in Tianjin Equity Exchange listing of non-listed companies. In June 2011, Tianan was acquired successfully by Suzhou Tianma Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd (registered capital of RMB107.9015million) which is a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

        Since 2011, Suzhou Tianma Specialty Chemicals has been the majority shareholders of Shandong Tianan. And in future, Tianan’s products will be more multifarious, professional, environment friendly, process clean and energy-efficient. Tianan’s factory is located in the dedicated chemical park, and according to government’s development concept of circular economy and low carbon, Tianan will enlarge the production scale and extend product pipeline, supporting facility of water supply and power to be completed. Standardized and safe logistics management, and a suitable pollution control system are to be established soon. Since 2011, two new projects has been launched in order to extend its industrial chain. Meantime, since advanced management concept and production process introduced, the cost is lowered and economic efficiency of Tianan is improved apparently. In 2013, much investment was performed in Tianan’s production facility to ensure the whole running condition is safe, stable, long term, and perfect.

        Shandong Tianan has been the enterprise who’s paid tax over RMB10 million for four consecutive years, and it was awarded Advance Taxpayer by Linyi government. Also, Tianan was awarded Advanced Units of Production Safety by Dezhou City government.

        The advantage of owning the scarce resources of gas phosgene and based on the platform of Suzhou Tianma Specialty Chemicals, provides a huge impetus for the development of Tianan. In July 2013, Tianan was awarded A Key Enterprise cultivated by Municipal Support, and expected to develop into a first-class manufacturer in China and a competitive one in international market in five years.

        Based on gas phosgene, Tianan’s pipeline will extend into more fields, such as fine chemicals, new materials, paper making and pharmaceutical intermediate. The products will be multifarious, cost effect and profit high. In 2013, a large amount of investment was put into the expanding the phosgene capability to reach annual 50,000 metric tons and new phosgene derivatives projects which is under the phase one construction. For these projects, advanced domestic process is introduced, high degree of production automation, environment friendly, quality stable and low cost.